Open Seattle

I’m behind in posting this. I have been a little preoccupied by the birth of our second daughter, not to mention a little sleep deprived.

The Youth Cartel announced Open Seattle last month. This is exciting news! First, because the Northwest will finally get to play host to a youth ministry specific event. Second, because I have been working with Adam and others to help make Open a possibility, and now it is going to happen.

Back in the Fall, Adam McLane approached me with his Open manifesto, and asked me what I thought. I loved it. We talked, and it seemed to us that Seattle would be the perfect place to try something like this out. Since we launched the website, we have been getting a lot of good feedback, along with a desire to see Open in other cities. This is so encouraging.

I have felt for many years, that ideas have always come from “the top.” From those that have the experience, the degrees, etc. I have also felt that sometimes we can best learn from one another. There are so many innovative ideas out there, and in a ever shifting culture we need more than ever to hear from those in the trenches.

What I love most about the philosophy behind Open is that it really is just that, open. There isn’t going to be a lot of flash, just an opportunity to get together and share ideas with each other.There will be room for dialog, and feedback to presenters. Best of all, it’s cheap ($25)!

What is my role with Open Seattle? I’m a host and the MC for the day. I’m honored to be playing an active role with Open. I believe this event is going to be a lot of fun, and I believe it will start a movement of collaborative innovation within youth ministry (yep, I have high hopes).

If you are thinking about being one of our speakers, you can submit a proposal here. Deadline for speaker proposals is June 1.

I can’t wait to hear from our speakers. I’m excited to engage on a different level with youth workers of all kinds from around the Northwest and beyond. I hope we get a bit edgy. I hope we have honest dialog together. Most of all, I hope we have a lot of fun with this!

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