I’m Back… and The Haps

My lack of posting isn’t helping drive my blogging success.

Sorry readers, life with two little ones, and feeling a little off-center aren’t the greatest motivators for me to post content. My sincerest apologies.

I’ve decided that I will start blogging again. How often will I post? I’m not sure, but I think this is important. So there. I’m back.

Here are a few links to cool things happening:

Open Seattle: Here’s a shameless plug. I’m working along side The Youth Cartel to host Open this year. I’m excited to see how this turns out. If you are in the area and thinking about signing-up, do it!

The Summit: I’m a fan of what Adam and Marko are doing. They are seeking to think deeply about issues of youth ministry. I’m not going this year, but I thought I would plug there event anyway since it will probably be amazing!


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