About the Author

Hi! My name is Jonas.

I’m a full-time advocate for adolescents, and adventurer. Currently I’m an area director for Youth Dynamics, a para-church organization passionate about sharing the Gospel with Northwest youth. I live in a “micro-urban” community nestled in the heart of Northwest Washington.

I work with adolescents because I have a desire to see them develop their faith in authentic ways; to love God, and be good neighbors. I believe adolescents are perhaps one of the most marginalized, and misunderstood people groups in our current culture. I believe this can change. Besides, it’s just fun!

I have a passion for outdoor and adventure based education. I believe this is a great way to engage, and sustain real relationships. I spend my time outdoors cycling, rock climbing, and snowboarding. I just love to play.

I’m a connoisseur of unique ways of engaging our culture, practicing faith, building community, and leading well. I consider leadership to be an art that I have yet to fully understand. I am ever learning and growing in this area.

I have ADHD. It’s funny, I wondered if I should even include this in my about page. I do because, though I don’t see it as a disability per say, I comes with its set of challenges, and some of them I would like to share here.

My family is passionate about living in authentic ways that coincide with our faith. We try our best to live simply, love our neighbors, give to those who ask, and walk humbly with our God.

You can connect with me on Twitter here. Or visit The Left Coast Youth Worker Facebook page.


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